Sites, apps and superpowers.

Cactuslab Inflatable Hero


We worked with local ride-sharing company Zoomy to re-imagine its rider app for iOS and Android. The result is a much improved user experience and two beautiful new apps.

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Designers Institute

We worked with two of the Institute’s long-time partners to deliver this evolution of its site, placing more focus on our design community.

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Barfoot & Thompson

We designed and built the new, universal Barfoot & Thompson app for iOS. It features an all-new interface and improved agent-mode features that allow the company’s staff to manage and access data for their properties.

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Vend Register

We worked with Vend to design a new interface and experience for its flagship iPad app, and continue to provide feature development and maintenance assistance.

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Back of a Napkin

We created this tool for Buddle Findlay to promote its Startup Companies division. The resulting webapp creates a customised contract based on an applicant’s answers to five simple questions.

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For years we dreamt of a better place to discuss our shared interest in film, and when we couldn’t find the right outlet, we made one. The result is Letterboxd, a social network for grass-roots film discussion and discovery.

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