Cactuslab has contributed either wholly or partially to the creation of several venture projects, including those listed. For information on our content management platform, please visit


For a number of years we dreamt of a better place to discuss our shared interest in film, and when we couldn’t find exactly the right vehicle, we created one. The result is Letterboxd, a social network for grass-roots film discussion and discovery. The service started as a website and now has companion iOS, Android and Apple TV apps and a rapidly growing global community of movie aficionados.

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As part of a joint venture under the Verifi Identity Services umbrella, we created Cloudcheck, an electronic identification verification (EV) tool that verifies the identity (name, date of birth and address) of your New Zealand and Australian customers against local data sources and international watchlists, via API, bulk upload, secure emailed link or self-service dashboard. If you need to comply with the ‘safe harbour’ provisions of the Amended Identity Verification Code of Practice 2013 (forming part of New Zealand’s AML legislation) or have a requirement to verify the identity of your customers for another business purpose, Cloudcheck can help. Verifi Identity Services was acquired by GB Group in January 2022.

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